10 Christmas Crafts for Kids

Fun and Creative Christmas Crafts for Kids



Starting off strong we have a red truck Christmas tree ornament. Everybody loves the red truck hauling the Christmas tree decorations, so why not have your kids join in on it?! You will need wooden craft sticks, glue, scissors, glitter paper, cinnamon sticks, green pipe cleaners, black buttons, and twine.

Popsicle Stick Truck Christmas Ornament


This homemade wreath is absolutely adorable and a way to remember how little they once were! It can also make for a great gift for a family member. What you'll need to make this is green cardstock, red pom poms, red craft rhinestones, red ribbon, a paper plate, and green paint.

Handprint Wreath


These handmade Christmas ornaments are super cute and the kids can get really creative with them! What you'll need is popsicle sticks, tacky glue, hot glue, Christmas bells, glitter stickers, silver glitter, tinsel pom poms, fabric snowflakes, and twine.

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments


If your kids love Rudolph then this is a great craft for them! What you'll need to make these are mini burlap triangles, googly eyes, mini clothes pins, red pom poms, glue, twine, and glitter paint if you can't find glittery clothes pins. These will not only look great on a Christmas tree but really will look good anywhere in the house!

Burlap Reindeer Christmas Ornaments


If you're looking for a more rustic decoration for your kids to make, then this mini twig Christmas tree is perfect and adorable! If you're already more of an outdoorsy type of family, then you can have the kids go outside and pick out their own twig! You will need a small twig, of course, twine, hot glue, ribbon, and scissors.

Mini Christmas Tree Ornament


Want a cute and creative gift bag to give family members? Well, why not let the kids make them?! Plus it will be meaningful, and everyone will find it adorable! All you need is brown gift bags, googly eyes, red pom poms, candy canes, and glue dots.

Reindeer Gift Bags


This is a simpler one for the kids but still adorable and festive! All you'll need for the kiddos to make this is a paper plate, red, black, white, and orange paint, glue, cotton wool, and white pom poms or cotton balls.

Paper Plate Santa


This would be so cute to hang on the wall or frame during Christmastime! What you'll need to make this is blue, green, white, and brown cardstock paper, a Christmas tree pattern printable or stencil, scissors, glue, glitter glue, sequins, a hole punch, and a star foam sticker.

Christmas Tree Portrait


Another homemade Christmas tree ornament because you can never have too many ornaments on the tree that your kids made, right?! What you'll need to make these mini wreath ornaments is Christmas colored paper straws, pipe cleaners, red, green, and white beads, ribbon, and string.

Wreath Ornaments


Last on the list we have this super cute gingerbread man craft. If your kids are really into the gingerbread man decorations or love making gingerbread houses then this would be a fun project for them! What you'll need is toilet paper rolls, craft eyes, craft buttons, markers, white ric rac trim, brown construction paper, glue dots, and glue.

Toilet Paper Roll Gingerbread Man

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