10 Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

Some of the Best Christmas Porch Decor Ideas of the Year




Starting number one off with a very cute and festive one. We have garland with red plaid ribbon, lights, and poinsettias. Along with two little Christmas trees, a festive doormat, and the star of the show two wood reindeer with plaid ribbon scarfs. For all the people who love adorable reindeer decorations, this is a great idea!

Decorated Garland & Reindeer

(Photo Courtesy of @bloom_jennybrooks on Instagram)


Second on our list is another simple, classic, and beautiful one. On this porch, we have two flocked Christmas trees in large tin cans, two smaller trees with simple decorations, an elegant wreath with pinecones, and a Christmas doormat. If you like flocked trees, want something simple and classic, and don't want to worry about putting up garland then this is a great idea!

Flocked Christmas Trees in Tin Cans

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Here we have a fun, festive, and colorful one! On this porch, we see red and green ornament garland that can be made at home, a Christmas doormat, a mini Christmas tree with artificial flowers, and a cute little reindeer sign. If you were looking for something more colorful and possibly a DIY project, then this is perfect for you!

Ornament Garland & Mini Christmas Tree

(Photo Courtesy of @stagerroz on Instagram)


These porch decorations can be simple and easy to put together but still very festive. We have a more natural garland across the doorway, a flocked wreath, two small Christmas trees with red ornaments, two mini white trees, a Christmas sign, and poinsettias in festive plaid pots. If you want to go with a red theme but don't want too much going on, then this could be a great idea.

Red Plaid & Bushy Garland

(Photo Courtesy of @casagrella on Instagram)


With this one, we have a minimalist, modern, and rustic Christmas porch decor idea. There's a beautiful flocked Christmas tree with warm lights, a natural-looking garland, rustic decorations, and a simple Christmas sign. I think this is an elegant and minimalist Christmas decor idea that would look good on anyone's front porch! If you're going for a modern, rustic, and simple theme this year then this is a great idea.

White Christmas Tree with Rustic Decor

(Photo Courtesy of @courtneyfitzp01 on Instagram)


Another beautiful Christmas porch decor idea that is full of greenery. They have nice full strands of garland around the doorway with large gold bells in the center, a woodland-style wreath, a Christmas doormat, a couple of mini trees, a sleigh, and a pair of skates. The soft white lights are a nice added touch making the home seem warm, cozy, and inviting. And if you have a black cat maybe add them to the Christmas decor ha-ha!

Giant Jingle Bells & Sleigh

(Photo Courtesy of @atmeikasa on Instagram)


Simple, festive, and classic. This porch has a red plaid theme and a warm feeling to it. We again see garland with lights and plaid ribbon throughout, more mini Christmas trees in flowerpots, a wreath that matches the garland, and a lantern with plaid ribbon as well. This is another good way to go with your Christmas porch decor, simple and classic.

Lite Garland with Plaid

(Photo Courtesy of @myeclecticabode on Instagram)


Here we have a fun and creative Christmas porch decor idea. There are fun and festive giant ornaments, garland around the door, wreaths on the windows, and two little Christmas trees. This is a great idea that you don't see a lot. Plus, you could make these at home and turn this into a fun DIY project!

Giant Ball Ornaments

(Photo Courtesy of @hilltown_house on Instagram)


This is another idea that is on the more creative side. We see a sleigh decorated with garland with different Santa Claus' on top, a decorated flocked Christmas tree in the back, and a tin bucket with more garland and ornaments. These Santa Claus decorations add a more classic, vintage feel to the porch. So, if that's more your style then you could go with something like this!

Santa on a Sleigh

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Here's to all our Nutcracker decor lovers. They really went all out with this porch! We have two huge Nutcracker statues, wreaths with red ribbon on both doors, gift box decorations all the way down the stairs, and we can't forget about the red carpet. This is a beautiful and festive display. If your whole house is full of Nutcracker decor around Christmas, then maybe put two giant ones outside for your outdoor decor!

Nutcracker Statues & Presents

(Photo Courtesy of @runarchierun on Instagram)

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