10 DIY Farmhouse Valentine's Day Decorations

10 Farmhouse Style DIY Valentine's Day Decorations




This Valentine's Day centerpiece is perfect for a farmhouse-style home. Plus, it's easy to put together! You'll need three mason jars, three red small flowerpots, a wooden planter box, white paint, red paint, heart picks, and a stencil if you don't have a steady hand to write "love" on the box.

Valentine's Day Farmhouse Centerpiece

(Photo Courtesy of www.landeeseelandeedo.com)


If you love collecting vintage items to use as home decor then this idea is perfect for you! If you can find an old weight scale, then all you'll need is some mini decorative Valentine's Day pillows and maybe some other cute vintage items to place around the scale for looks.

Vintage Weight Scale Valentine's Day Decor

(Photo Courtesy of whisperofvintage (tumblr.com)


This another cute and simple Valentine's Day decoration to try! for this project instead of using an vintage metal bucket your taking a plastic one and making it look like a galvanized metal bucket. What you'll need to create this is a plastic 5-galloon bucket, Matthew Mead paint in shade brushed steel, fusion mineral paint in shade sterling and soapstone, 3 sponge brushes, spray bottle, letter and number stencils, red paint, and of course roses!

Valentine's Day Flower Market Bucket

(Photo Courtesy of DIY Flower Market Bucket - Live Laugh Rowe)


Table runners sometimes get overlooked, but not with this beautiful homemade Valentine's Day one! What you'll need to make this is 5" burlap ribbon, 4" stencils in script, heart stencils, red paint, paintbrushes, black marker, scissors, measuring tape, clothes.

Burlap Valentine's Day Table Runner


This adorable Valentine's Day wood bead heart is fairly easy to make and would look good anywhere in the house! What you'll need to make this is wired hemp, 20mm and 16mm wood beads, scissors, hot glue, pink velvet ribbon.

Wooden Bead Heart Wreath


This is a modern farmhouse style and it looks great, it's easy to put together, and everyone will love it! What you'll need to recreate this labeled jar (most of these jars are Rae Dunn which you can sometimes find at Marshalls), a three tier table stand, fake flowers, a valentine's day framed picture, a kissing booth sign, and beaded garland.

Valentine's Day Kitchen Kissing Booth


This decoration is very simple and would look good anywhere in the house! What you'll need is a chalkboard, wicker hearts, burlap, paint or fabric markers, and twine to string the hearts and burlap to make it into a banner.

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Decor


This next one is beautiful and will bring a pop of color to any room! What you'll need to get to make this is a heart shaped twig wreath form, fake red roses, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, and scissors.

Valentine's Day Rose Wreath


If you want to get creative then this Valentine's Day decoration project is for you! You can really design it however you want! What you'll need to recreate this is a wooden heart, white paint, gray paint, pink string or yarn, thumb tacks, and twine if you want to hang it.

Valentine's Day Wooden Heart


This last one is a little bit more time consuming than the others but it looks amazing once you're done! This could be placed on a shelf, a mantel, or really anywhere in the home. The supplies you'll need for this is cardboard cut into the shape of X's, a 12" grapevine wreath, jute, burlap, red felt, hot glue, and scissors.

Burlap XO Valentine's Day Decor

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