10 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Some of the Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas from This Year



This one will definitely make the kids laugh. To do this just place saran wrap on the toilet seat, pour cereal on top, add at least one spoon, and the elf's.

Breakfast in the Largest Bowl


This one is a cute idea for your elf or elves. All you have to do is wrap them in cotton balls and write a note!

Snowman Elves


This one will definitely get a laugh out of everyone! If you have a dog or cat all you need is to set the elf or elves next to their food bowl.

Worst Cookies Ever


Kids already find the word poo/poop funny so why not incorporate it into your elf on the shelf ideas? All you need is toilet paper, sharpies, and your elf or elves!

Naughty Elves & Toilet Paper


This one might get the kids a little worked up! Almost everyone has some sort of milk in their fridge so all you need to do is tie your elves to a shelf in the fridge and write a note. Maybe the kids won't let the milk spoil next time ha-ha!

Elves and Angry Milk


The elves really can do anything! This one will definitely get a laugh from the kids; the elves are having a car wash with toilet water!

Elf Car Wash


If you're feeling very creative and generous then this is a great idea! Put together a full-blown bingo that the elves host and raffle off small prizes!

Elf Bingo


If your kid loves Spider-Man then why not bring him into the fun? All you need is a Spider-Man action figure, your elf, and some string. What will the kids think when they see Spider-Man has captured the elf?!

Elf and Spider-Man


This is another great idea that involves an activity that the kids can do. All you need is mini powder donuts, candy corn, chocolate chips, and your elf of course!

Do you Want to Build a Snowman


The elves really do have an active life, don't they? Lastly, we have elves bowling. All you need is some Hershey's Kisses, elves, and a tiny ball or something you can make a tiny ball with.

Elves & Hershey Bowling

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