10 Last Minute Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts

10 Cute and Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts




If you need a simple but cute Valentine's Day gift, then this could be perfect. Grab a box of their favorite donuts or even muffins and write a cute little note inside the box telling them how you feel about them!

Valentine's Day Donut Box

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If you want a more unique gift that's going to grab their attention, then this could be a great idea. Grab some boxes or bags and write the five senses on them. Wrap a gift that they'd love that represents each sense!

Five Senses Valentine's Day Gift

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Open when cards are always cute, creative, and fun. Get some envelopes and cards and write on them what you want. Then stick the card in the envelope with whatever gift. For example, if the card says "open when you're bored" maybe you put a gift card in there for the movies or a game to play!

Open When Cards Valentine's Gift

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A super cute and easy Valentine's Day gift idea. Grab a jar, some popsicle sticks, and markers. Write down different date ideas on the popsicle sticks, place them in the jar, and write a cute note the jar. When you too are feeling bored or even stuck in your relationship just open this jar, pick a stick, and go do whatever is on it.

Date Night Jar Valentine's Gift

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Another cute and easy Valentine's Day gift. It's thoughtful, creative, and adorable! Get some index cards and write each letter of the alphabet on them and write a reason you love them from A-Z.

Reasons I Love You Valentine's Gift

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Another cute and simple Valentine's Day gift but meaningful and creative! Grab a cute little box and write "remember when" on the inside. On some paper write down a bunch of different memories you have with that person, roll the papers up, and stick them in the box.

Remember When Valentine's Gift

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Give your partner the gift of a great movie night. Not every gift has to be about material items, sometimes it can just be about spending time with that person and making memories. So, grab their favorite snacks and drinks, get some cozy blankets and pillows, and pick out a movie you both love.

Movie Night Valentine's Gift


If you like making fun treats, especially for your partner, then this could be a super cool idea! Make some pink fortune cookies and stick flirty notes and funny pick-up lines in them. It's sure to make your partner laugh and let them know you love them.

Flirty Fortune Cookies Valentine's Gift


This gift idea is cute and thoughtful, and your partner will love it. You can find these customizable hoodies on Amazon just send in your favorite picture of you and your partner and they'll print an outline on any color hoodie you want!

Custom Hoodie Valentine's Gift


Lastly on the list is a super easy yet adorable Valentine's Day gift. Grab some sticky notes and write some flirty messages, memories, or whatever you want on them. Then stick the notes on a bathroom mirror for them to see either first thing in the morning or when they come home from work.

Love Notes Valentine's Gift

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