10 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas

10 Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas for Minimalist's




Starting off with the most popular decoration this time of year, a wreath. Here we have a fresh bright green wreath with old vintage bells and a white ribbon tied into a bow. It's cute and simple but still festive.

Fresh Wreath & Vintage Bells

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These cute little ceramic houses are very popular this year. They go with everything, are very minimalistic, and festive! You can find them at most stores as well. They can be perfect for putting on a shelf with other matching decorations or on a mantel with some garland. If bright white is your Christmas style these would be amazing in your home.

Ceramic Houses

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Here is a very simple Christmas mantel idea. We have a wreath with ribbon, plain garland mixed with eucalyptus on the mantel, elegant candle sticks, bells, and stockings colored to match the rest of the decor. It's simple, elegant, and easy to put together.

Simple Mantel with Greenery

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If you want more modern rustic Christmas decor but still minimalistic then this is a great idea. We have mini-flocked Christmas trees in tin cans lined across the table with a cute Christmas tree market sign above the table. If you have a rustic looking table to go along with the decor then even better!

Mini Christmas Tree Table

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Here's a living room kept simple with a very minimalistic Christmas tree. We have a Christmas tree with a few ornaments that are more of a traditional style, a wreath above the couch, and don't forget the little red truck on the shelf. If even this is too minimalist for you, you can always add a couple more nicknacks on the shelf!

Minimalist Christmas Tree

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A cute, simple wreath in the kitchen is sometimes all you need. We have a plain wreath with fairy lights and a deer head ornament. Then above is a mixed greenery wreath. So, if you didn't want too much clutter in your kitchen but wanted some sort of Christmas decor, then this is perfect!

Kitchen Wreath

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If gold and minimalist is your style, then here you go! We have a gold-trim mirror with greenery around it, some thin garland across the mantel with gold bells and candle sticks, and a mini flocked Christmas tree. It's simple, it's festive, and it's gold!

Green and Gold

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This entryway is beautiful but kept very simple so that the main decor grabs your attention. On the banister, we have regular garland and artificial eucalyptus combined to create this beautiful look and the same thing with the wreath. The final touch is the mini Christmas tree in the corner in a burlap basket.

Greenery Filled Entryway

(Photo Courtesy of www.domesticallyblissful.com)


This is such a pretty way to decorate your staircase! You can never go wrong with wreaths anywhere in your home. Here we have four wreaths lined down the staircase with glittery garland, ornaments, pinecones, and more. It's not too much but still festive, elegant, and fairly simple.

Staircase Wreaths

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Lastly, a simple way to decorate your kitchen. We have plain garland above the stove and cute little wreaths with ribbon hanging from the island chairs. The greenery in a neutral-colored kitchen just makes the garland stand out so much!

Simple Christmas Kitchen

(Photo Courtesy of www.timelesstatseblog.com)

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