10 Minimalist Valentine's Day Decorations

10 Easy Minimalist Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas




This first one is a very simple Valentine's Day decor idea yet looks great and would go with any home decor. Grab yourself a chalkboard, some heart garland, some flowers, and whatever other decorations you want to add around.

Valentine's Day Chalkboard Decor


Here's an easy way to decorate your mantel for Valentine's Day. Grab some candlestick holders, heart shaped beaded garland, and white heart garland. It's simple, minimalistic, and goes with everything!

Valentine's Day Mantel with Heart Garland


If you need a simple Valentine's Day decoration idea for the kitchen this could be great. Just find a heart-shaped cutting board, heart-shaped bowl, and a decorative vase.

Heart Shaped Cutting Board


If you're a diy person and have some lace laying around you could make these lace heart wall hangers that go great with any home decor! Add some beaded garland and maybe a Valentine's Day framed picture next to them.

Lace Hearts Wall Hanging


This is a great neutral colored Valentine's Day mantel idea. To make the backdrop for the heart all you need is shiplap and pallet boards and the feather heart you can also make at home! Then just drape some Valentine's Day garland across the mantel and there you have a simple Valentine's Day mantel!

Valentine's Day Mantel with Feather Heart


If you want your Valentine's Day decorations to have a antique or vintage spin on them then this idea is perfect. If you have an antique store go on a scavenger hunt for old shutters, an old picture frame, and an old lamp. Then just add your favorite candle sticks to the mantel with roses and string some diy heart garland across.

Antique Valentine's Day Mantel with Roses


If you just want to go as simple as possible this is the way to go. Find a Valentine's Day heart-shaped wreath that you love and hang it up or your mantel, on the wall, or really anywhere in the house!

Valentine's Day Eucalyptus Heart Wreath


Another simple, sweet, and easy Valentine's Day mantel idea. Drape some beaded heart garland and tassel garland from the mantel and add some cute little wooden tags on top of the mantel. If you'd like you can add some flowers as well, maybe even red roses to add a pop of color and keep in theme of the holiday!

Valentine's Day Garland Mantel


Another sweet and savory charcuterie board inspiration for you! Now this board actually has everything, from cheese to sweets, to crackers! So, what you'll need to make this board is aged cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, pepper jack cheese, cheddar cheese, goat cheese, jam, whole grain mustard, an assortment of crackers, chocolate fondue, strawberries, apples, pretzels, marshmallows, gummy bears, chocolate chip cookies, wrapped chocolate hearts, and Valentine's Day candy hearts.

Gold Themed Valentine's Day Mantel


Lastly, on our list, we have these cute wicker XO decorative pieces for Valentine's Day. You can use them as seen here in this picture in a decorative bowl, on the dining room table as a centerpiece, on the kitchen counter, really anywhere you want!

Wicker XO Valentine's Day Decor

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