10 New Year's Eve Nail Ideas

10 Nail Ideas to Jump Into the New Year With




If you're not looking for something bold then these nails could be for you. This set has a subtle glittery base with a painted black line down the middle of each nail. These nails are cute and simple!

Subtle Glittery NYE Nails


These nails are bold, classy, and elegant. In this nail set, we have two nails with glittery gold and three nails with V-shaped tips with glittery gold and white polish. Everyone will definitely love these nails!

Glittery Gold and White


If you're a person that likes colorful nails then this set is definitely for you! These nails have a colorful glittery confetti polish on the tips. They're bold and will catch everyone's eyes!

Colorful Confetti Tips


If you want your nails to pop but in a subtle way, then this nail set is great for you. They have a glittery base with an ombre effect and silver stars and gems throughout the set. They're classy, elegant, and beautiful!

Sparkly Ombre Nails


Here's one for all the long nail people! This design is bold but simple at the same time. The long square nails have a swirl design on each nail with black and glittery silver polish. These nails will go with any outfit and are just perfect for New Year's!

Reflective Swirl French Tip


If you're a french tip kind of person but want to add a little pop for New Year's then this set is great. We have gold and black tips with one nail all black and an accent nail with black stars. These are very cute, elegant, and would go well with any outfit!

Black and Gold Tips


You really can't go wrong with a simple all glitter nail set. These all glittery silver nails are perfect for New Year's! They sparkle bright and they're simple but will still catch people's eye.

Sparkly Silver Nails


These nails are simple yet classy. This set has three all black nails with two having gold stars and the other two nails with black tips. Another great black set for the new year.

Black with Glittery Gold Stars

(Photo Courtesy of @a13kuypernailart on Instagram)


These are the perfect New Year's Eve party nails. This set has a black base with a sparkly gold champagne glass and bottle design. The awesome detail of this nail design will definitely be turning some heads!

Sparkly Gold and Black New Year's Nails


Lastly, we have another set that really embodies New Year's Eve. In this nail set, we have a black and sparkly gold theme with a firework design and a clock about to strike midnight. The design within this set is very detailed, they are sure to get a lot of attention!

New Year's Eve Clock Nails

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