10 Outdoor Candy Cane Christmas Decorations

Some of the Best Outdoor Candy Cane Themed Christmas Decorations




If for some reason you have extra PVC pipes lying around, then make these candy canes to set along the driveway or on the porch! The supplies you'll need are two 2" PVC drain with 5 SS strain, two 2" PVC P-trap with union, two 2" x 2" inch PVC solid pipe, two 2" x 22.5D street elbow, a sanding block, tape, primer, spray paint, string lights, and two bows. This one may not be the easiest project but it's defiantly worth the work!

PVC Lighted Candy Canes

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This candy cane fence would be a perfect added addition to a candy cane themed house. You could either make a mini fence to line across your porch or if you already have a fence, you could paint it! Plus you can add ribbon as shown in this picture or even Christmas ornaments.

Candy Cane Fence

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These candy cane lollipops would look so cute lined along a driveway or in a garden. They're super cheap and easy to make and look festive! All you need to make these are wooden dowels, styrofoam, paint, and a paintbrush. So if you were looking for a decoration you could easily make and not spend much money on then here you go!

Candy Cane Lollipops

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Another simple, easy, and cheap candy cane decoration. All you need for this is candy cane stakes, a large vase/flower pot, and red ribbon. This is a simple outdoor decoration that can be thrown together quickly but looks great!

Candy Cane Vase

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Here's another simple and cheap decorations but super cute and festive. All you'll need is candy cane stakes, tin pails, fake snow (or real snow if you can!), and red ribbons. You could set these around your front porch, along your drieway, or really anywhere you want!

Candy Cane Pails

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This candy cane wreath is that last touch you need to your candy cane themed house. All you need is a wreath wire, white garland, candy cane themed ornaments, burlap ribbon, and a door hanger. This wreath can be made pretty easily, and you'll save yourself a lot of money making it at home!

Candy Cane Wreath

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These candy tire decorations are a great way to repurpose something you no longer use. What you'll need to make this is of course an old tire, spray paint, a tin can, wire, plywood, liquid nails and adhesive, hot glue, grocery bags, red tinsel, red and white spray paint, and two 2" dowels. This decoration isn't the easiest to make but it's so cute and would look amazing sitting in the yard or on a porch.

Candy Tire Decoration

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This wreath is so easy to make and cheap. Plus it will look good with anything! What you'll need to make this is red and white stick-on bows, a candy cane shaped wreath wire, packing foam, hot glue, and duct tape. This will defiantly be a fun one to make!

Candy Cane Bow Wreath

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Looking for something different and unique to add to your candy cane decorations? This is an awesome idea and would look great anywhere! You don't need a lot of supplies and it's cheap to make. So load up on some candy canes and make this candy cane Christmas tree!

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

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Lastly, we have another candy cane wreath, but this one is made out of burlap! It's simple and easy to make and will look good on any front door. What you'll need to make this is a candy cane shaped wreath wire, about 10 yards of red burlap ribbon and white burlap ribbon, floral wire, and scissors. This is an elegant looking and festive wreath that is super fun to make. So get making some candy cane Christmas decorations!

Candy Cane Burlap Wreath

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