10 Rustic Valentine's Day Decorations

10 Rustic Decorations for Valentine's Day




This is a beautiful wreath for Valentine's Day, and it isn't too hard to recreate. You'll need a grapevine wreath, red, pink, and white burlap to make the roses, a bow, a mini banner, and black paint.

Grapevine Wreath with Roses

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Another beautiful Valentine's Day grapevine wreath. What you'll need to make this is a grapevine wreath, paper bags, ribbon, red foam hearts, white paper doilies, and an optional burlap banner. The great thing is almost all the supplies can be found at the Dollar Tree!

Xo Valentine's Day Wreath


This bead board heart-shaped door hanger is a great decoration for Valentine's Day. The supplies you'll need to make this are beadboard, mason jars, wire, a metal clasp, pipe clamps, a screw, paint, and flowers of your choice. This one is a little more difficult but it's so cute!

Heart Shaped Mason Jar Door Hanger


This is an adorable Valentine's Day decoration! You could use this as a door hanger on simply just hang it on the wall in your house. What you'll need to make this is wood hearts (either from the store or make them at home), red and white paint, white and black paint pens, twin, and natural raffia.

Valentine's Day Heart Door Hanger

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This heart banner would be adorable hanging from an entryway! What you'll need to make this is jute webbing with red stripes, red felt, jute twine, hot glue, and optionally you can add scrabble tiles on the banner that spell "love".

Rustic Valentine's Day Heart Banner


This little heart tree in a vase is super cute and would either make a great Valentine's Day decoration or a great gift! What you'll need to make this is a vase, paper glitter hearts, hot glue, and twigs.

Valentine's Day Heart Tree


This is a very cute and easy Valentine's Day mantel. Plus, it can be recreated easily! What you'll need for this is a vase, fake branches, heart-shaped tags, flower hearts, small candle jars, plate holders, and heart-shaped plates.

Valentine's Day Heart Mantel


This is such a cute decoration for Valentine's Day, and you can do it yourself! The supplies you'll need to make this are a piece of wood, red or pink string or yarn, a box of nails, spray paint, and white paper to draw the heart.

DIY String Heart


If you're looking for Valentine's Day outdoor decorations, then this is a super cute idea! What you'll need is a 50" piece of wood, two 5/8" x 6" x 6' cedar pickets, gorilla glue, white paint, red paint, nails, and some tools. This one is more time consuming but it's so much more fun to make it yourself!

Valentine's Love Wood Sign


If you have twigs lying around in your yard, why not make use of them and turn them into a Valentine's Day decoration?! What you'll need is a pile of about 30-40 twigs, paper or newspaper, acrylic craft paint, thin plywood, an X-acto knife, and red paint.

Rustic Twig Heart

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