10 St. Patrick's Day Sweets

10 Festive and Delicious St. Patrick's Day Sweet Treats




Where are all our mint lovers? These shamrock mint brownie bites are great because they take less than 40 minutes to make! These would be great to serve at a party because you can easily make them in big batches!

Shamrock Mint Brownie Bites


Bundt cakes are fun, delicious, and not too difficult to make. This St. Patrick's Day bundt cake is great for a fun family dessert for the holiday!

St. Patrick's Day Bundt Cake


Green cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for St. Patrick's Day! These can be made in a big batch for a party and they take less than 40 minutes to make.

St. Patrick's Green Ombre Cupcakes


The next ones on the list are these adorable leprechaun hat cookies! These would be a fun and festive treat to serve at a party and would get lots of attention from your guests!

Leprechaun Hat Cookies


Where are all the cheesecake lovers? If you love cheesecake, then why not make it festive for St. Patty's Day?! These bars are a little time-consuming but definitely worth it!

Green Velvet Cheesecake Bars


These leprechaun dessert shooters are delicious and easy to make! These would be great for a party and kids will love them!

Leprechaun Dessert Shooters


If you want to make a festive green cake for St. Patty's Day, then this is a great cake recipe for you! This takes less than an hour to make and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!

Ombre Oreo Mint Chocolate Cake


Next on the list are cupcakes made with Guinness and Bailey's Irish cream frosting! These take less than 40 minutes to make and can be made in a big batch for a party. They're moist, sweet, and delicious!

Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes


Next are these delicious and festive sugar cookies. These are a lot more time-consuming than the other sweets but would be quite an eye-catcher at a party!

Shamrock Sugar Cookies


Last on the list is this delicious, layered mint and Oreo dessert. The great thing is this sweet treat doesn't require many ingredients and everyone will love it!

Mint Oreo Layered Dessert

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