10 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts

10 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for the Special Person in Your Life




This first gift on the list is so personalized and adorable. This specific one can be found on Etsy. You can add your favorite pictures of you and your partner to it and it can be something you can hold on to forever!

Magnetic Foldable Gift Box


Another super cute and personalized gift that is perfect for Valentine's Day! This one can be found at Lsparks231 shop on Pinterest or there are others similar on Etsy. Your partner will love and cherish this gift!

Love Story Map Picture Frame Gift


Husbands and boyfriends always love having pictures around of you, so why not get them this custom heart-shaped photo collage? Pick all your favorite pictures or even pictures of you two from different places you've traveled. It's a cute way for them to remember you when you're not around or just something nice to hold on to and look back on!

Custom Heart Shaped Photo Collage


If you want a black Valentine's Day set with a little pop of color, then this could be for you! The thumb, index, and pinky finger are painted in a glossy black polish. The middle finger has a pale pink base with a silver line and a black heart in the middle. The ring finger has a glittery gold polish.

Spotify Float Frame Gift


Another beautiful and cute custom Valentine's Day gift. Your man will love to keep this in his bedroom or your two's bedroom to look at every day! Or maybe he leaves it at work on his desk or keeps it in his mancave, wherever he ends up putting it he will love it!

Custom 3D Photo Lamp Gift


If you want to go a little bit more on the simpler side, then this could be great. Gather all your favorite pictures of you two together or even some of your favorite pictures of yourself. Then print them out, hang them on the inside of a box, and fill the box with their favorite candy.

Photo Gift Box

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Another adorable, personalized photo gift for Valentine's Day. This gift is small so they can carry it around with them, leave it in their car, or have it out on display at home.

Personalized Photo Pull up Gift Box


Here's another one for you that is simpler but personalized and adorable! Grab some poster board, candy, and a marker, or print out the sentences. This will definitely give them a laugh and make them smile!

Valentine's Candy Poster Gift


This next one would be a perfect gift to set up for your partner before they come home and surprise them with! Take some polaroids of yourself and of you and your partner together and hang them from red and white or pink and white balloons. This is sure to let them know how much you love them!

Pictures and Balloons Valentine's Gift

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Last on the list is this picture frame of a "30 reasons why I will always love you" for your partner. Think of all your favorite things about your partner and all the reasons you fell in love with them. This will definitely make your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Reasons I Love You Frame

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