10 Valentine's Day Gift Baskets for Him

10 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas for Him




First on the list is for the men who like to grill and BBQ! Grab some of their favorite BBQ sauces, some seasoning, grill tools such as tongs, spatula, and grilling fork, and maybe a couple of other things.

BBQ Gift Basket

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If you're man is outdoorsy then this could be a great gift basket! This basket can be found on Amazon but if you want to make it yourself grab a tumbler, a fire starter, a pocketknife, twine, and anything else you know he would need on him.

Survival Gift Basket


Is your man a handy man? A jack of all trades? Well, why not make him a gift basket for Valentine's Day with all the miscellaneous things he needs for around the house or jobs? This specific one can be bought on Etsy, or you could make it yourself!

Handy Man Gift Basket


Does your hubby or boyfriend love to keep his car clean? Or maybe he hasn't cleaned it in a while so this can be your hint to him ha-ha! This gift basket is from Etsy but you can throw it together at home. Get his favorite brand of car wash/shampoo, microfiber rags/sponges, wax, interior detailer, and wheel cleaner. Throw in some WD-40 for fun because everybody needs that!

Car Cleaning Gift Basket


If your man is in need of some self-care/hygiene products, then make a gift basket or box of all the essentials! This box can be found on Etsy or if you want to put it together yourself then grab some soap, a bread kit, facial wipes, nice socks, a cozy throw blanket, and maybe some of his favorite candy just for fun!

Self-Care Gift Box


If your partner has a favorite football team, then make a themed basket for him! Throw in a beanie with the team's name on it, slippers, a blanket, a water bottle, and to be nice just throw in some hygiene products he might need!

Football Themed Gift Basket

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If your man is into guns, hunting, or just personal protection, then this would be an awesome gift for him! This customized ammo box can be found on Etsy. You could put a saying on it, his last name, or a symbol, really whatever you think he'd like.

Customized Ammo Box Gift


Does your hubby like beer or liquor? Well then go simple for Valentine's Day and throw together a nice gift basket with his favorite pack of beer or his favorite bottle of liquor. Add some roses and chocolates. You really can't go wrong with this one!

Beer and Roses Gift Basket


Another simple and easy Valentine's Day gift basket that he will love! For this basket idea throw in some body wash, snacks, beer, wine/liquor, and anything you know your man needs or has been wanting!

Treats and Alcohol Gift Basket


Last on the list is a lottery ticket gift basket! Grab a basket or make a cute box like the one shown here. Throw in a bunch of scratch-offs and make sure you have a good variety. For fun, you could also throw in his favorite candy!

Lottery Ticket Gift Basket

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