10 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

10 Beautiful Makeup Looks for Valentine's Day




Starting off a little simpler with the first one. This eye look has a cherry pink cat eye eyeliner with simple black eyeliner on top and cherry pink eyeliner along the waterline. Then we have a light pink sparkly eyeshadow across the whole eyelid. They also paired this eye look with a red lip.

Cherry Eyeliner Valentine's Day Look


This mauve eye look is beautiful and great for Valentine's Day. It takes some time to perfect it but it's worth it! The eye look is romantic, feminine, and impressive. It's paired with a nude lip liner and lip gloss.

Mauve Valentine's Day Look


This Valentine's Day eye look has a rough pink color on the center of the eyelid that blends out to a dark pink eyeshadow. There is a black cat eye eyeliner that is lined with sparkly silver eyeliner. The whole look pops with the added touch of a heart made by placing a sticker on the eyelid before you go in with the eyeshadow.

Rouge Pink Valentine's Day Look


This look is on the more difficult side, but it's cut, bold, and will defiantly draw attention! The center of the eye lid has a nude color that blends into a pink eyeshadow. There is a white cat eye eyeliner with a black eye liner above. Then to make it all pop there is a pastel pink heart right below the eyebrow.

Pastel Pink Hearts Valentine's Day Look

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This look is colorful, bold, and looks stunning! The base of the eye look is a watermelon pink blended out to the eyebrow with pastel pink arrow eyeliner and a simple black eyeliner. This eye look is paired with a mute pink coral lipstick.

Watermelon Pink Valentine's Day Look


Another bold eye look for Valentine's Day but this one is a little simpler. The base of the eye look is a hot pink eyeshadow that is blended out to the eyebrow with a sparkly light pink eyeshadow in the corner of the eye. This look also has a classic style black eyeliner. This eye look is paired with a beautiful lavender lipstick.

Hot Pink Eye Valentine's Day Look

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Another bold Valentine's Day eye look that will draw some attention! If you like nude eye looks but want to add a pop of color for Valentine's Day, then this look could be for you. The base of the eye is nude eyeshadow blended into a brown eyeshadow. The bottom eyeliner is a bold pink in the shade pink spirit with glitter placed over top. The eye look is paired with a nude lipliner and lip gloss.

Pink Spirit with Nude Eye Valentine's Day Look


This beautiful eye look has a light pink eye shadow in the corner and center of the eye that blends into a rouge pink. There is a classic black eyeliner and rouge pink eyeshadow along the bottom water liner. To tie it all together there a dark pink heart underneath of the eye that you can recreate with a small stencil.

Rouge and Light Pink Valentine's Eye Look

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This eye look is definitely more on the difficult side and time-consuming but if you want a bold and in-your-face eye look then this is for you girl! This look has a light brown eyeshadow in the center with dark purple in the crease and a hot pink above. This eye has a thick cat eye eyeliner with a white heart at the end of the liner and gemstone hearts around the corner of the eye.

Gemstone Hearts and Bold Eyeliner Valentine's Eye Look


This look has a simple ombre eye that is beautiful and colorful. The corner and center of the eyelid is a light pink and blended into an orchard purple color. There is a simple black eyeliner and a purple eyeshadow eyeliner on the bottom waterline. The eye look was tied together with a pink lip gloss.

Light Pink Ombre Valentine's Day Look

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