10 Valentine's Day Porch Decoration Ideas

10 Porch Decoration Ideas for Valentine's Day




Starting off with a fairly simple Valentine's Day porch decoration idea. Hang some heart garland around the door, grab a "Be Mine" sign, a heart welcome mat, and if you have any chairs on your porch add a cute Valentine's Day throw pillow!

Be Mine Valentine's Day Porch

(Photo Courtesy of 6 Ways to Create a Colorful Be Mine Valentine's Day Porch (tatertotsandjello.com)


This next one is very simple and easy to put together but looks great! If you have a little tree maybe left over from Christmas decorations, then add some cute little heart ornaments to it and set it out on your porch! Then drape a heart garland above the front door and add a Valentine's Day doormat.

Valentine's Day Tree Porch Decor

(Photo Courtesy of Valentine Porch and other random nonsense - The Sunny Side Up Blog)


If you like to go all out with your decorations, then you'll love this Valentine's Day porch. Here we see a cute "lovers lane" sign above a rustic mailbox, a chalkboard with " kisses 25 cents" written on it, a Valentine's Day wreath on the door, some wooden hearts sitting around, and a couple of Valentine's Day decorations in a basket.

Lovers Lane Valentine's Day Porch

(Photo Courtesy of Confetti Sweethearts – Confetti Sweethearts | Wedding Styling | Prop Hire | Foil Wedding Stationery | Paper Decorations)


Here we have another cute Valentine's Day tree! Grab a mini tree and add some felt heart ornaments to it, hang a neutral-colored wreath with a Valentine's Day banner in the middle, and drape a love banner and garland above the front door. I love the nice added touch of the baby pink colored front door!

Valentine's Day Tree and Neutral Wreath


This porch decor is simple, classy, and would look great on any house! This Valentine's Day porch has two plain wreaths each with a pink heart attached and are hung by a plaid ribbon. Then as an added touch, there is a Valentine's Day heart doormat.

Valentine's Day Wreaths with Pink Hearts

(Photo Courtesy of Interior Designers for Orange County, CA | Interior Affairs)


This porch looks awesome, it's colorful, bold, and classy. There are two mini flocked trees in big planters with heart ornaments on them. Then a Valentine's Day wreath with pink and red hearts and pink lanterns sitting around the front door.

Flocked Valentine's Day Tree with Colorful Wreath

(Photo Courtesy of Dimples and Tangles)


If you love decorating with balloons for the holidays, then you will love this Valentine's Day front porch decoration idea. Grab some cute Valentine's Day balloons and hang them from patio chairs or little patio tables. Add some flowers around the porch and hang a wreath with red and pink roses on it.

Valentine's Day Balloons and Rose Wreath

(Photo Courtesy of Jodie Kammerer (@jodie.thedesigntwins) • Instagram photos and videos)


This porch decoration idea is super cute and not difficult to throw together. Set out a Valentine's Day door banner (which can be found on Amazon), add a couple of mini Valentine's Day trees in a flowerpot with heart ornaments, throw a cute Valentine's Day wreath with red hearts up on the door, drape a strand of heart garland above the door, and if you have any kind of patio furniture add some cute Valentine's Day throw pillows to them!

XO Door Banner Valentine's Day Porch Decor

(Photo Courtesy of Tatertots & Jello - DIY blog (@tatertotsandjello) • Instagram photos and videos)


If you like your neutral colors but want to add a little pop of color for Valentine's Day, then use this as some inspiration for your front porch! In this picture we have a heart wreath on the door, a kissing booth sign hung on the house with wooden hearts underneath, and Valentine's Day pillows on the loveseat with an XO pillow in front.

Grey XO Valentine's Day Front Porch


Lastly on our list is another one that is fairly simple but has a lot of color throughout! We have heart garland hanging from the side windows, paper hearts taped to the window above the door, a cute wooden wall hanger on the front door, a love doormat, and little heart ornaments hanging from the lanterns on each side of the front door.

Hanging Heart Garland Valentine's Day Porch

(Photo Courtesy of Living on Cloud Nine: VALENTINE'S FRONT PORCH (livingoncloudnine9.com)

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