10 Winter Nail Ideas

10 Nail Ideas for the Winter Season



This nail set is perfect for the winter months with the emerald green throughout. These nails have one all emerald green nail, the ring finger with a natural pink base with snowflakes, two french tip nails, and a sparkly silver pinky nail.

Emerald and Silver with Snowflakes


Brown and nude colors are perfect for the winter season. This nail set has a beautiful ombre design with a nude color at the base of the nails and a brown color at the tip. These are such elegant nails for the cold months and would go with almost any outfit!

Glossy Brown Ombre


This winter nail set is beautiful with the pale blue and snowflake design complementing each other perfectly. The index and middle finger have pale blue french tips with snowflakes, the ring finger has a sparkly blue polish, and the rest of the nails have the beautiful pale blue polish.

Pale and Sparkly Blue Nails


Another chocolate colored nail set, a perfect color for the winter months. On this manicure the middle and ring finger have a pale pink base with swirls of chocolate brown and gold, with the rest of the nails painted a glossy brown.

Chocolate Swirl Nails


Dark blue shades are always a great color for the winter season. This nail set is painted with a sparkly midnight blue color with an accent nail that has a white base with blue and silver snowflakes.

Sparkly Midnight Blue with Snowflakes


This nail set is elegant, simple, and great for the wintertime. There are three fingers painted with a glossy white, the index finger has a classic white french tip, and the middle finger has a pale pink base with a snowflake design.

White Winter Wonderland


This nail set looks like a snowy day, making these a perfect manicure for the winter season. There are three fingers painted in a pale blue with flakes of glitter on top. The ring and pinky finger have a white base with gems and sequins throughout.

White and Pale Blue Nails


This nail set is decorated with a design to resemble sprigs of fir. Making these nails perfect for the wintertime, reminding you of the beautiful greenery during the cold months. Each nail has a sheer pink base with the beautiful design of sprigs of fir to resemble a wreath.

Minimalistic Wreath Nails


If you're looking for more of a bold and glamorous look for the wintertime, then these nails are perfect! Each nail has a natural pink base with silver french tips and gold snowflakes. The accent nail on the ring finger is covered in a glittery silver polish.

Silver Tip and Snowflakes


The glazed donut nails are very popular right now and this white tinted set is perfect for the winter season. These nails are very elegant with a subtle shimmer that adds a nice touch to your look. Plus, they will go with quite literally any outfit!

White Tint Glazed Donut Nails

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