15 Christmas Nail Ideas

15 Nail Ideas for the Christmas Season




Starting off strong we have the candy cane themed nails. We have sparkly red nails and a light pink nail base with candy canes. These nails are cute and festive. Plus, if you're into the candy cane decor then why not have your nails match, right?!

Red Sparkle with Candy Canes

(Photo Courtesy of www.kbeautyaddiction.com)


The gingerbread designs and decor are so adorable, and so are these nails! We have a pale pink base with detailed gingerbread cookie designs. They're not to bold but they're very festive and so cute!

Pale Pink with Gingerbread Cookies

(Photo Courtesy of www.artisthue.com)


Here we have some red sparkly nails and for the accent nails, we have a pale pink base with cute sparkly red Santa hats. Another one that's not to bold but has a very festive color and design.

Red Sparkle with Santa Hats

(Photo Courtesy of www.maytheray.com)


If you like more neutral colors but want a festive pop to your nails then this is a great idea. We have a brown base with a gingerbread design and some red and green Christmas colors throughout.

Gingerbread Nails

(Photo Courtesy of ChickenScratchNails on Etsy.com)


Here we have something very simple but adorable. These nails are elegant while still being festive. It's a natural pink base with a simple gold Christmas tree design with a star on top. Plus, these nails would look great with anything!

Gold Christmas Tree Nails

(Photo Courtesy of www.glamourmagazine.co.uk)


Here is a very impressive set of Christmas nails. This set has a beige and red base with a snowflake design, a gingerbread man design, and a red, white, and gold wave design. They're super cute and might just turn some heads!

Red and Beige Gingerbread Man Design

(Photo Courtesy of www.fabmood.com)


This is such a unique design and something you don't see everyone have. They're elegant, festive, and impressive. It's a nice natural pink base with an adorable Christmas tree design with white tips to resemble snow. So, get ready to turn heads with this nail set!

Christmas Tree Tip Nails

(Photo Courtesy of www.fabmood.com)


If you want something a little more simple but still festive then this is a super cute idea. We have a light pink base with some simple white glittery gold designs and one glittery gold nail. It's not too bold and it's a great color combination!

Pink and Glittery Gold Nails

(Photo Courtesy of @Daniela Dragan on Pinterest)


This set of nails would go great with any outfit. They're festive, adorable, and still elegant. We have glittery red nails and tan nails, one with a reindeer design and one with a plaid design. So if you want something on the simpler side here you go!

Reindeer & Plaid

(Source Unknown)


If you want something a little different how about a nail set with the design framing the nails? Here we have a natural nail look base with a candy cane design around the edges of the nails. It's cute and simple!

Candy Cane Frame

(Photo Courtesy of vikanail on Etsy.com)


Looking for something festive and colorful? This set of nails is very cute and elegant. We have red and green tips, a Christmas tree design, a wave with green, red, white, and gold, and a Santa hat! If you can't choose between a design and a color, then this is perfect for you!

Red, Green, White, & Santa Hat

(Photo Courtesy of @dusica on Pinterest)


If you don't necessarily want a design and want something that will go with everything then this is for you, my friend! Just do an all sparkly gold set of nails with no design. It will go with everything, look glamorous, and is perfect for going out! But at the same time, it's still festive!

Gold Sparkles

(Photo Courtesy of www.thepinkgoose.com)


Here's another elegant but festive nail set. These nails would be perfect for wearing to an event. We have red tips with sparkly gold and on the ring finger a Christmas gift bow design with sparkly gold on top.

Red Christmas Gift Nails

(Photo Courtesy of @elinasnailart on Instagram)


These nails are so cute to go with a cozy outfit. They're perfect for winter and the holiday season. There's a grey base with a detailed design and gold accents. If you want a detailed design but not bold colors, then this set of nails is a great idea.

Christmas Sweater Nails

(Photo Courtesy of @tessa.lyn.nails on Instagram)


For all the girlies who love black but still want something festive, we found the perfect nail set idea for you. We have a glittery black nail, a white and black tip, a wave design, and a mistletoe design on the pointer finger. You could also add a pop of color to these nails if you wanted.

Black Christmas Nails

(Photo Courtesy of @amberjhnails on Instagram)

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