15 DIY Christmas Gift Baskets

15 DIY Christmas Gift Baskets That People Will Love




This gift basket is filled with breakfast items. It's easy to put together and would make for a helpful gift for someone to just throw together a breakfast for themselves. It has jam, premade pancake mix, tea, and a few other items in the basket.

Christmas Breakfast Gift Basket


Do you know somebody with a sweet tooth that you need to find a gift for? Well, this is a perfect gift basket, it has everything in it you'd need to make sugar cookies at home! It contains a premade package of sugar cookie dough and a bunch of toppings in cute Christmas light-shaped containers!

Sugar Cookie Gift Basket


Are you shopping for a coffee lover? Do they have a Keurig coffee maker? Well then this is an awesome gift basket for them! This basket is filled with a bunch of K-cups, marshmallows, mugs, and some treats.

Coffee Lover Gift Basket


Here's another gift basket for someone with a sweet tooth or someone who loves to bake! In this basket is a premade sugar cookie mix in a mason jar with directions printed on it, a cookie cutter, a wooden spoon, sprinkles, and an apron.

Christmas Baking Kit Gift Basket


Another gift basket for the coffee lovers but for the ones that don't use K-cups. This basket includes coffee beans, mugs, to-go coffee cups, stir sticks, wooden spoons, and some sweet treats.

Holiday Coffee Gift Basket


Everybody likes chocolate, right?! This basket includes a cozy scarf, candy canes, hot cocoa mixes, Hershey kisses, Ghirardelli holiday chocolates, a mug, and a snowflake ornament. This gift basket is a good holiday treat mix!

Cozy Chocolate & Peppermint Gift Basket


Here's a great gift basket for someone who likes treats and goodies but likes a variety. This gift basket has some fresh popcorn, Starbucks holiday coffee, chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, and cookies.

Holiday Goodies Gift Basket


Looking for a gift for a wine drinker? Check out this great DIY wine gift basket! This basket includes 3 mini wine bottles, 2 wine glasses, a corkscrew wine opener, cheese, and a wine themed picture wall hanging.

Wine Gift Basket


Do you want to give a more fun and unique gift basket this year? Or maybe your gifting to a family with children? Well this is a perfect and super cute idea! This basket includes ice cream cones, different types of sprinkles, paper cups, jarred cherries, hot fudge sauce, and caramel sauce.

Christmas Sundaes Gift Basket


If you know someone who is getting into baking, is in need of some new baking/kitchen supplies, or someone who just loves baking then this is a great gift. This basket includes measuring cups, a whisk, a spatula, dish rags, a decorative mason jar, and a bundt cake pan as the basket!

Bundt Pan & Baking Essentials Gift Basket

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We see the coffee lover gift basket but what about the tea lover gift baskets?! This basket includes tea, a tea rest, a tea tin, and cookies. This is a great gift because just like the coffee lovers, you can never have too much tea!

Tea Lover Gift Basket


Looking for a gift for a woman who loves or needs some self-care? This basket includes lip care, nail polish, a pedicure paddle, flip flops, a loofah, body wash, a body bar, face masks, bath salts, and hair clips.

Spa Day Gift Basket


This basket can make a great gift for really anybody. Either for the person who loves treating themself and self-care or the person who needs to treat themselves but doesn't. This basket includes a pair of Christmas socks, a homemade sugar scrub in a mason jar, tea bags with a cinnamon stick in a mason jar, and a body oil.

Festive Spa Gift Basket


These nails are so cute to go with a cozy outfit. They're perfect for winter and the holiday season. There's a grey base with a detailed design and gold accents. If you want a detailed design but not bold colors, then this set of nails is a great idea.

Elf Movie Night Gift Basket


Lastly, we have the perfect gift basket for the working men or women. What's included in this gift basket is a hammer, a pack of screwdrivers, a measuring tape, a movie, a Yeti tumbler, beef sticks, and snacks.

Gift Basket for Men

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