15 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts

15 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for That Special Person




First on the list is this creative and cute Valentine's Day gift. Grab some cardboard, white wrapping paper, markers, and your partner's favorite candy! This gift will definitely get some attention and laughs!

Valentine's Day Vending Machine

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Does your man like fishing or just a candy lover?! Well, this gift could be perfect for him! Grab a tackle box, a couple photos of the two of you, and his favorite candy.

Candy Tackle Box Valentine's Gift

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Get this book for your partner and yourself. It's thoughtful, and meaningful, and lets them know how much you love them. All you do is fill in the blankets in the journal and you're done!

What I love About You Journal Gift


This kissing both gift idea is absolutely adorable! If your partner loves chocolate, then they'll love this. Grab some small pieces of wood, markers, twine, paper, stickers, and Hershey's Kisses.

Kissing Booth Valentine's Gift

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Another cute and fun journal gift for Valentine's Day. If you and your partner have goals of traveling and seeing things around the world, this is the perfect gift. You can create 50 bucket list goals, add photos, and journal your memories when you do accomplish the goals.

Our Bucket List Adventures Journal Gift


If you're looking for a very personal gift, then this could be a great idea. Grab a blank Valentine's Day card, red lipstick, and of course your lips! Your man will absolutely love this he'll find it fun and sexy at the same time!

Card Full of Kisses Valentine's Gift

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Another cute and personal DIY Valentine's Day gift. For this one, you'll need a white canvas, a box of crayons, and your favorite photos of you and your partner. This gift is thoughtful because of the time that goes into it and will defiantly be cherished by your partner.

Valentine's Day Melted Crayon Art

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This next one is somewhat simple to put together but very personalized which will mean the world to your partner. What you'll need is a jar, different colored sticky notes, and a label maker, or make your own label with a sticker. Write down memories, reasons you love them, lyrics from your two's favorite songs, and so on.

365 Days Note Jar Valentine's Gift

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Who doesn't love a cute and flirty Valentine's Day game?! What you'll need is the game Jenga and Sharpies. Write down memories, reasons you love your partner, flirty phrases, and funny pick-up lines. This will make for a great game to play for date night!

Love Jenga Valentine's Day Gift

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This is a great gift to give your partner for Valentine's Day, the gift of making memories and having a fun time! This specific game can be found at Walmart along with others. When you two are feeling like a date night just pick a card, scratch it off, and do the activity. Plus, the cards tell you everything you need to know like how much money you'll need for the date, what time to go on the date, and how much time you'll need for the date.

Date Night Idea Cards Valentine's Gift


This next one is super fun and creative. If your partner likes lottery scratch-offs, then they'll love this cute Valentine's Day scratch-off gift. What you'll need to make this is metallic paint, clear contact paper, a paintbrush, scissors, and dish soap. Other than that, all you need is to think about 10 reasons why you love your partner, which should be the easiest part, right?!

DIY Valentine's Day Scratch Offs


Another date night idea Valentine's Day gift. This gift is for monthly dates for the whole year. So, grab 12 envelopes and write every month on its own envelope then write what your date will be for that month! This gift will really show your partner how much you care because you took the time to plan at least one date for every month of the year!

Dates for Each Month Valentine's Gift

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Another great gift your partner will love because you made it, that's what makes it special, right?! For this, you'll need a piece of wood, rope, and hot glue. You can add your own touch to it and make it whatever style you want to!

Valentine's DIY Love Rope Sign


Candy as a gift for Valentine's Day is not personal but when you add a sweet touch such as notes then it's super cute and show your partner you were thinking of them. So, decorate a box, grab their favorite candy, and write some cute, funny, or flirty notes on the candy!

Will You Be My Valentine Candy Box

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Last on the list is a cheap, easy, and cute Valentine's gift. What you'll need to make this is scrap paper, vellum paper, a picture frame, and bronze spray paint. This is something fun you could do with your partner everyday or every week. Write on the glass a reason you love them, then the next day erase it and write something else!

I Love You Because Picture Frame

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