20 Christmas Nail Ideas

20 Nail Ideas for the Christmas Season




These nails are elegant, classy, and not too bold. This nail set has glittery silver throughout all the nails and on the pointer finger a detailed glittery silver snowflake design. These nails would go great with any outfit!

Sparkly Silver Snowflake Nails


The gingerbread designs and decor are so adorable, and so are these nails! We have a pale pink base with detailed gingerbread cookie designs. They're not to bold but they're very festive and so cute!

Sparkly Red & Pink Nails


If you want something cute but still elegant then these nails are great! This nail set has a sparkly rose gold color on two nails, a nude color on the other nails with a cute reindeer design, and a snowflake design.

Sparkly Reindeer Nails


Another simple yet classy set of winter/Christmas nails. This set has two nails with a red base and white snowflakes with the rest of the nails having a natural look with red tips and the snowflake design. They're elegant while still being festive!

Red with Snowflakes


We can't make a Christmas nail idea list without adding at least one gingerbread-themed nail set! These nails are long square nails with a very detailed gingerbread house design on each nail. They're festive and will definitely turn heads!

Long Gingerbread House Nails


Everyone loves Christmas lights so why not do a strand of Christmas lights design on your nails?! This set has a natural nude base with a detailed colorful Christmas light design. It's absolutely adorable and festive!

Christmas Light Nails


If you don't want to do a basic Christmas tree design, then how about a Christmas forest design? This set has a green base with detailed trees with a dark green and gold color with snowflakes falling. These nails or beautiful and really do look like a stunning forest!

Christmas Forest Nails


This is another classy yet festive nail design. We have a nude base with a red ribbon design and some glitter throughout. It's simple looking and unique.

Velvet Ribbon Nails


If you're looking for something bold and festive, we love this nail set! There are festive red and green colors and a garland design with red ribbon. This is a beautiful design for the holidays!

Garland and Ribbon Nails


Here's an adorable gingerbread man set of nails. They have a blue base with a gingerbread man and mistletoe design. If you don't want the traditional red and green colors then this could be a great idea for your next set of nails!

Blue Gingerbread Man Nails


Another beautiful snowflake nail set. We see a vibrant red color as the base of the whole set and detailed snowflake designs with splattered red throughout the accent nails. It's colorful, festive, and bold!

Ruby Red Snowflake Nails


This set is simple, elegant, and perfect for the holidays. These nails have a natural pink base with a sparkly gold ribbon design throughout. They'll go with any outfit and would be great for an event.

Gold Ribbon Nails


Another simple and festive design. This set has a natural pink base with white tips and a mistletoe design. These nails would go great with pretty much anything and look elegant!

Mistletoe Tips


If you love the peppermint/candy cane design and decorations then this idea is perfect! This set has the classic red and white colors with a beautiful swirl design. They're bold and festive!

Peppermint Swirl Nails


Who doesn't love peppermint mints around the holidays?! They're usually a staple in everyone's homes around this time of year. So why not incorporate this beloved candy into your nail set? This set has a natural-looking base with detailed peppermint candies throughout.

Peppermint Candy Nails


This nail set really does have it all! We have three plain red nails with two accent nails that have a candy cane, gingerbread man, mistletoe, and a snowman design. We might have to say this is as festive as it gets!

Christmas Wonderland Nails


This set of nails are cozy, festive, and classy. We have a red plaid and nude with a touch of gold glitter throughout and a snowflake design on the ring finger. These nails are beautiful and perfect for the holidays!

Plaid and Nude Nails


Not much is more festive than Christmas ornaments! This nail set has a nude base with detailed colorful Christmas ornaments. These nails are beautiful, and we love how they painted a black line for the string to make it look like they were hanging down from the tip of the nails!

Christmas Ornament Nails


Here's another set of nails that tried to incorporate all the Christmas designs into one set. We have the peppermint swirl design, an ornament design, a Christmas tree design, and a ho-ho-ho nail. These nails are beautiful, festive, and bold.

Holiday Wonderland Nails


Last on our list is a nail set with a Christmas present design with a bow and three glittery silver nails with snowflakes. This is a great way to go if you love two different designs and can't choose, don't choose and do both!

Christmas Present & Silver Snowflake Nails

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