5 Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

5 Christmas Porch Decor Ideas for This Year




Don't know how to decorate your front porch? Why not put a Christmas tree up! We put a Christmas tree in our homes so why not one outside?! Here we have a more traditional Christmas tree, a little Christmas tree decor on the table, a Christmas pillow on the chair, and rustic Christmas buckets. I think this is a great idea if you have the room to do it!

Porch Christmas Tree

(Photo Courtesy of @mywickerporch on Instagram)


If you've been decorating your house in red truck/car decorations, then this is perfect for you. We have a modern farmhouse with bushy garland around the doorway with giant lights, wreaths on the door with red ribbon, a red truck decoration with a wreath in it, a Christmas gift box with red ribbon, and a lantern also with red ribbon. This is a beautiful porch with matching red colors throughout.

Red Truck Farmhouse Porch

(Photo Courtesy of @drivewaytodreams_crystal on Instagram)


If you're going for more of a rustic, vintage Christmas look then this could be something you'd like. We have a lot on this porch, an old sleigh, ice skates, fur stockings, a vintage ice skating sign, a wooden Christmas tree decoration, tin buckets, and more. This is such a good idea and gives off more of a traditional Christmas feel.

Rustic Sleigh

(Photo Courtesy of @gramsfarmhouse on Instagram)


Here we have another porch that's on the more traditional side. There's a vintage sleigh with wood Christmas tree decorations on top, beautiful mini flocked Christmas trees, elegant garland around the door with ornaments, a wreath, a Christmas sign, and a Christmas door mat. This wouldn't be too difficult to do and you could put the garland together yourself and get creative with it!

Vintage Sleigh & Flocked Christmas Trees

(Photo Courtesy of @whitewoodfarmhouse on Instagram)


If you have a porch swing and don't know how to decorate it, then this one is for you. We have Christmas throw pillows and a plaid blanket on the swing, a joy sign under the swing, a classic wreath with red ribbon on the window, and a hot chocolate bar. I think the hot chocolate bar is such a great idea and adds such a nice touch.

Christmas Porch Swing

(Photo Courtesy of @thefinleyfarmhouse on Instagram)

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