5 DIY Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor

5 DIY Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Decor Ideas




This is an adorable Valentine's Day wreath that would look great either hung on the front door or hung on the wall in the house. What you'll need to make this is a 10" foam heart wreath form, 3 pink and red pom pom garlands, pink ribbon, wire, hot glue, and scissors. The great thing is you can find all or most of the supplies at the Dollar Tree!

Pom Pom Heart Wreath


Another adorable heart-shaped wreath, this one is made from tissue paper. What you'll need to make this one is red, pink, and white tissue paper, cardboard cut into the shape of a heart, floral wire, and ribbon to hang it up.

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath


This decoration is super simple but looks great! All you need is 1 large vase, 1 small vase, 2 bags of candy hearts, a pink or red ribbon, roses or your favorite flowers, and scissors. The flowers go in the smaller vase with water and the candy hearts are poured in the large vase around the smaller one.

Candy Heart Rose Bouquet


This is such a simple Valentine's Day decoration, and it looks great! To make it even more meaningful you could get a second copy of your partner's favorite book and use the pages from it to recreate this! The only supplies you'll need for this project are a book of course, a piece of wood or white canvas, hot glue, a pencil, and white paint if you're using wood.

Rolled Book Page Heart Art


This easy Valentine's Day tree decoration would look very cute sitting around the house on an end stand, coffee table, or countertop. What you will need to make the pink tree is a Styrofoam cone, 3 pink sheets of felt, pins, and a foam heart topper.

Felt Heart Valentine's Day Tree

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