5 New Year's Eve Nail Ideas

5 Awesome Nail Ideas to Jump into the New Year With




For all the girlies who love glitter and want something simple but bold, these are the nails for you! This nail set has silver chunks of glitter just on the tips with a natural looking nail base. So shine bright into the new year!

Confetti Tips


Another nail set that shines bright but also looks classy and elegant. These nails have a pale pink base with gold glitter tips and a gold glitter at the bottom of the nails.

Gold Glitter Tips


If you're done with all the colors of Christmas nails, then this all black nail set for New Year's Eve is perfect for you. This set has glittery black tips with an awesome dripping design.

Midnight NYE Nails


This nail set is bold and fun! We have a pale pink base with glitter all over and sparkly silver stars on the tips. Every girl at the party will be asking about your nails!

Glittery Stars NYE Nails


These nails will definitely catch everyone's eye! They are glamorous, bold, and makes a statement! This set has a colorful glitter nail polish/gel on all the nails.

Colorful Sparkle Nails

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