5 Spring Nails

5 Cute and Fun Spring Nail Ideas




First on the list are these colorful swirl nails. These nails are perfect for spring with their beautiful bright and vibrant colors. Each nail is half nude and half colored. The thumb is light yellow, the index is a light orange color, the middle finger is pink, the ring finger is light purple, and the pinky finger is baby blue.

Colorful Spring Swirl Nails


These nails are cute and vibrant! Each nail has a light yellow french tip. The thumb and pinky finger have a yellow flower at the tip with purple dots. The index finger has yellow and purple dots, the middle finger has a sunflower at the bottom with purple, teal, and yellow dots, and the ring finger has a sunflower in the middle with purple, teal, and yellow dots.

Yellow French Tips and Flowers


If you like a simple nail set, then this might be for you! These nails are painted in light pastel colors which are perfect colors for springtime! The thumb and pinky fingers are light mint green, the index finger is pale purple, the middle finger is pale blue, and the pinky finger is light yellow.

Pastel Spring Nails


Another beautiful and cute pastel nail set. These nails are bright and vibrant making them perfect for spring! The thumb has a pale pink french tip, the index finger has a peach-colored french tip, the middle finger has a light purple french tip, the ring finger has a bright blue french tip, and the pinky finger has a yellow french tip.

Pastel French Tips


Last on the list are these vibrant and cute spring swirl nails. Each nail has a nude base with a yellow, pink, and purple swirl down the middle.

Yellow, Pink, and Purple Swirl Nails

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