5 Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

5 Awesome Valentine's Day Decorations to Recreate




Go big or go home, I guess! But really if you hate putting your Christmas decorations away, just turn them into Valentine's Day decorations! If not then grab yourself a pink tree, red, pink, and white ornaments and you're done, just keep it simple.

Valentine's Day Christmas Tree

(Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Perkins (@jenniferperkins) • Instagram photos and videos)


This Valentine's Day wall art is super cute and would go great in any room. Plus, you can buy the whole set for just $22 on sale right now. You can really do anything you want with wall art, that's what makes it so great!

Valentine's Day Wall Art

(Photo Courtesy of Valentine's Day Wall Art Bundle – With Houna)


If you want something simple and easy to put together yet colorful then this idea could be for you. Grab some heart-shaped balloons, a balloon that says love, and maybe even letter balloons to spell out Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Balloon Decor

(Photo Courtesy of Janet Coon (@shabbyfufu) • Instagram photos and videos)


A simple, easy, and cute way to decorate your bedroom for Valentine's Day. Add some adorable heart throw pillows (the ones in this picture can be found on Amazon), add a love sign above your bed, and maybe even add some roses to the nightstands.

Valentine's Day Bedroom Decor

(Photo Courtesy of Hollie Minor (@simplylakeandlace) • Instagram photos and videos)


Lastly, on the list, we have another Valentine's Day tree. Take your Christmas tree and transform it into a Valentine's tree by adding heart-shaped balloons and other Valentine's Day decorations.

Valentine's Day Balloon Tree

(Photo Courtesy of Luxmy Panzardi (@theluxmylife) • Instagram photos and videos)

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