5 Valentine's Day Gift Baskets for Her

5 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas for Her




This is a very simple and easy gift idea to recreate. What you'll need is a Valentine's Day glass, pink or red tissue paper, her favorite candy, and a glittery heart pick.

Valentine's Day Treats in a Glass


This basket is super cute and very thoughtful. What you'll need to recreate this is little chalkboard signs, white chalk, wine or their drink of choice, sticker hearts, a box of chocolates, 1-2 gift cards or other small gifts, and crinkle-cut paper shreds for the bottom of the basket.

Valentine's Day Date Night Basket

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If you're giving your mom a gift for Valentine's Day or the mother of your children, then this is a great idea! What you'll need is a cute teddy bear, slippers, a blanket, body wash or other self-care products, and candy.

Mama Bear Cozy Gift Basket

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If your partner needs a little self-care/spa day, then this is the perfect gift basket for them! To recreate this basket, you'll need a little teddy bear, a Valentine's Day balloon, artificial roses (or real), a Valentine's Day blanket, fake eyelashes, a headband, a box of chocolates, and eye or face masks.

Valentine's Day Self Care Basket

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Lastly, we have to have a self-care Valentine's Day gift basket. This basket has a theme of Dove products, but you can use whatever brand is your partner's favorite. What you'll need is a towel, body cream or body butter, body wash, hand wash, bars of soap, a candle, a Valentine's Day heart pick, and crinkle-cut paper shreds.

Spa Day Valentine's Day Basket

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