5 Valentine's Day Gift Baskets for Him

5 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Ideas for Him




This is a Valentine's Day basket for a boyfriend, dad, etc. To recreate this basket you'll need 2 monsters or their favorite energy drink, chocolate bars, Valentine's Day Hershey kisses, Takis or their favorite snack, body wash, and crinkle cut paper shreds for the bottom of the basket.

Kisses and Monsters Valentine's Day Basket

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This basket is great for all the people out there with a gym junkie partner! To make this basket get their favorite whey protein, protein shakes, protein bars, and a travel cup (specifically the blender bottle because it makes mixing up protein drinks easy).

Gym Junkie Valentine's Day Basket

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For the partner that loves to unwind with their favorite liquor. They will love this gift box and it's very simple to put together! All you need is a couple of mini bottles/shooters of their favorite liquor and a heart-shaped box.

Liquor Valentine's Day Gift Box

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If your partner loves some scratch-offs, then this a great idea for a gift basket for them! All you'll need for this is a couple of scratch-offs and a couple of cute mini Valentine's Day signs to decorate the basket a little bit.

Lottery Ticket Gift Basket

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Lastly, we have a pretty simple gift basket for him. This one is packed with all the essential things he needs. To make this basket you'll need a loofah or net sponge, body wash, deodorant, an air freshener, a baseball hat, a pair of slides, face masks, and some protein powder.

Essentials for Him Valentine Gift Basket

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