5 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks

5 Makeup Look Ideas for Valentine's Day




We're starting off with a very simple Valentine's Day makeup look. We have a beautiful rosy pink eyeshadow blended out to the eyebrows and bold red lipstick.

Rosy Pink Eyes and Red Lips Look


This Valentine's Day makeup look is bold and not too difficult to recreate. This eye look has a pink eyeshadow blended out to the eyebrow with a baby pink cat eye winged eyeliner and two baby pink hearts above the wing. This look is paired with a pink lip gloss, which pulls the whole look together!

Baby Pink Eyeliner and Hearts Look


This next makeup look is a little bit more difficult and not as easy to recreate, but it's totally worth it because it looks amazing! The eye has a hot pink eyeshadow along the waterline and a pink cat eye eyeliner. Then we have a solid cream color eyeshadow in the middle and above it we have the hot pink again that is blended into the brow.

Pink and White Valentine's Day Eye Look


This makeup look is also a little bit more difficult and takes a steady hand. The eye makeup has a winged pink eyeshadow with a light pink eyeshadow in the corner and the center of the eye. Then we have cute little red and pink hearts on the eyelid and surrounding the eye. This eye look is paired with pink lipstick to pull everything together.

Red and Pink Hearts V-Day Look


This look is fairly simple to recreate if you're good at winged eyeliner! This look has a pink cat eye winged eyeliner with a glittery pink eyeshadow starting at the corner of the eye and blending out and up to the eyebrow. This look is paired with a nude lip liner and lip gloss but could go great with a pink lip gloss as well.

Pink Winged Eyeliner Valentine's Day Look

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