5 Valentine's Day Nail Ideas

5 Nail Ideas for Valentine's Day




If you want an elegant and classy set of Valentine's Day nails, then these are perfect. This nail set has a pale pink base with red hearts on the tips.

Red Heart Tips

(Photo Courtesy of @Gel_Nailed321 on Instagram)


This nail set is simple, adorable, and easy to recreate. These nails have a cream base with little red hearts throughout. These are the perfect minimalistic Valentine's Day nails.

Cream and Red Heart Nails


If you're more of a glamourous nail kind of person then this Valentine's Day nail set is a great idea! The thumb, index, and pinky nails have a glossy red polish, while the middle and ring finger each have half of a gemstone heart.

Gemstone Valentine's Day Nails

(Photo Courtesy of www.women-ideas.net)


Another glamourous yet classy set of Valentine's Day nails. A couple of the nails have a nude base with gemstones, two nails have a glittery base with gemstones, and the rest of the nails have a 3-d red heart design.

3-D Red Heart V-Day Nails

(Photo Courtesy of @chompipa_sara_ on Instagram)


Lastly, we have this adorable baby pink nail set. The thumb, middle, and pinky finger are a glossy baby pink polish, the index finger has a white base with hot pink hearts, and the ring finger has a white base with xo written.

Pink Hearts and Xo Nails

(Photo Courtesy of (8) Pinterest)

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