5 Winter Nail Ideas

5 Nail Ideas for the Winter




If you love french tip nails but want to add a little flare for winter, then this nail set is adorable! There super simple with asymmetric french tips and gold snowflakes throughout. Plus they go with everything!

French Tip Gold Snowflakes


This nail set is so unique and very impressive. These nails have a nude base with a beautiful tree design and gold accents throughout. This will definitely turn heads and is perfect for the winter months.

Winter Forest Nails

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If you like more glamourous nails and glitter then these are great winter nails! This set has a nude base on the middle finger with white snowflakes, the pointer finger is plain nude, and the ring and pinky finger are beautiful glittery gold.

Gold Glitter and Snowflakes


This is a perfect nail set for the winter season. We have a sparkly blue polish on two nails, one classic french tip nail, one nail with white diagonal lines, and a clear base nail with snowflakes. This nail set is elegant with a touch of creativity for the cold months.

Sparkly Blue and Snowflakes


Lastly, we have a very unique and creative nail set. These nails have a beautiful ombre effect. They go from a natural pale pink to a light blue and are covered in a sparkly topcoat with white pearls to resemble snowballs. This manicure is absolutely perfect for the winter months.

Snowball Nails

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