Brandy Daisy

Crafting Classy Elegance: The Brandy Daisy


8/3/20231 min read

Brandy Daisy


Makes 1

2 oz. brandy

1/4 oz. rum

1/4 oz. triple sec

1/2 oz. lemon juice

1/4 oz. simple syrup

1/2 oz. sprite

  1. In a cocktail shaker with ice combine brandy, rum, triple sec, lemon juice, and sprite. Shake to well combine.

  2. Strain the mixture into a coupe glass or martini glass.

Want to enjoy citrusy delight in a glass? Well, join us in making a classic Brandy Daisy cocktail. Just a fun fact, the charm of the Brandy Diasy dates back to the 19th century! So, let us show you how to make this oldie but a goldie and create the perfect blend of mixed liquors and zesty lemon juice with a touch of sweetness. Come join us in making a toast to the timeless charm of the Brandy Daisy.