Golden Goodness: Crafting the Perfect Homemade Cornbread





Servings: 12 Total Time: 35 mins

1 cup flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 cup cornmeal

1/2 cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup milk

1/4 cup vegetable oil

2 eggs


garlic powder

  1. In a bowl combine flour, baking powder, cornmeal, sugar, salt, and garlic powder. Whisk to combine.

  2. Then add milk, vegetable oil, and eggs to the dry ingredients. Mix until well combined.

  3. Spread some butter or oil on an 8 x 8 baking dish. Then pour the batter into the dish.

  4. Bake at 400 F for 21-25 minutes until the top is golden.

You can't have wholesome comfort without some classic cornbread. This cornbread is moist, delicious, and warm. It's a staple for Thanksgiving dinner but can make a great addition to any dinner, and it's quick and easy to make! This recipe combines a blend of cornmeal, spices, and simple ingredients, creating a side dish that evokes the essence of homemade goodness. So, this holiday season let's get to making a dish that's comforting and delicious!