Dirt Cups

Dig into Delight: The Classic Dirt Cups


10/4/20231 min read

Dirt Cups


Servings: 8 Total Time: 40 mins

3.4 oz. box instant chocolate pudding mix

16 oz. milk

8 oz. cool whip

12 oreo cookies

16 gummy worms

  1. In a mixing bowl add milk and pudding mix. Whisk together to well combine. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

  2. Fold in cool whip until well combined.

  3. Pour the mixture into your serving cups.

  4. Crush your Oreo cookies until they become almost a powder.

  5. Add crushed Oreos on top and 2 gummy worms. Chill in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

Take a nostalgic journey back to your childhood with the classic Dirt Cups! In this recipe we show you how to make these fun, flavorful, and easy treats by combining chocolate pudding, creamy Cool Whip, and delightful Oreos all topped with fun and chewy gummy worms. This treat is perfect for kids and kids at heart to enjoy. You can even add your own twist to it by adding your own favorite toppings! So, get ready to dig into these fun and creative Dirt Cups.