Peppermint Bark Mimosa

Festive Sips: The Peppermint Bark Mimosa


11/21/20231 min read

Peppermint Bark Mimosa


Makes 3

3 oz. peppermint vodka

375 ml champagne

4 candy canes

  1. Start by taking one candy cane and crushing it in a ziploc bag. Then place the crushed candy cane on a plate. Wet the rim of the champagne glasses. Then roll the rim of the glass in the crushed candy cane crumbs, making sure to fully and evenly coat.

  2. Add 1 ounce of peppermint vodka to each champagne glass. Then top each glass with champagne.

  3. To garnish place a candy cane in each glass.

Unwrap the magic of the holiday season with our Peppermint Bark Mimosa cocktail. We show you how to create a delightful and bubbly drink that captures the essence of winter's favorite treat. This Christmas cocktail combines sweet flavorful peppermint vodka and elegant champagne, all garnished with a festive candy cane. Get ready to elevate your holiday celebrations with a drink that is perfect for brunch, a holiday party, or simply sipping on a cold snowy night. So, join us in celebrating the season's cheer with the Peppermint Bark Mimosa.